We hand machine our range of Dummies, allowing us to make virtually any size,shape or weight to order.

   Our regular sizes are Puppy at half pound, Standard at a pound and our Three Parter at around two pounds in weight. They are made from either hard wearing Canvas or Nylon, the nylon ones dry out more quickly. All of them float and have a sown in throwing handle, we can of course make them handleless if required.

   The colours available in Canvas are White, Mustard, Red or Green. In Nylon they come in Blue, Camo, Green, Orange or Yellow.

   We would like to introduce and draw your attention to "The Bobby"........... its a bobbing dummy. Having been developed specifically to help start young/novice dogs or those with poor marking skills on water training. Standard dummies float flat on water sometimes making it difficult for the dog to mark. Our "Bobby" floats upright and bobs from side to side for a few seconds drawing the dogs attention, more so than a standard dummy. In testing it has given young dogs a stronger incentive to enter water. It could give your dog that little needed edge with it's water training. It can of course be used as a regular land dummy. Available in Yellow or Orange Nylon.

Prices for all our dummies will be found on our shop page.

Available Colours