Please allow up to 10 days from receipt of order to delivery time. We guarantee the quality of our items, if you are not happy please send the lead back to us within 28 days of receipt and we will refund the original purchase price. However we cannot be held responsible for undue wear and tear.

Below are the prices for our normal dummies and normal length leads, the prices for the 6mm and 8 mm diameter are the same. Should you require something different please contact us.

Free Postage applies to all our products.

Dummy Prices in Canvas or Nylon
Half Pound Puppy: £6.00p
One Pound Standard: £8.00p
Two Pound Three Parter: £12.50p
"The Bobby" Standard: £8.50p

Colours for the Canvas Dummies are
or Green.

Our Nylon Dummies are
or Orange.

Slip Lead Prices
Standard Slip Leads: £11.00p ea.
Anti – Twist Slip Leads: £14.00p ea.
Competitor Slip Leads: £14.00p ea. If you require a swivel on the handle add £2.50. For spare/extra handles add £5 for the standard or £7 for the swivel one.
Trialer Slip Leads: £16.00p ea

5 Metre Long Training Line: £16.50p ea.

Colours for the 6mm diameter leads are
White, Red, Black, or Blue in Solid Colours.

The Flecked Leads come in
White with Red Fleck,
White with Green Fleck,
White with Blue Fleck,
or White with Black Fleck.

For our 8mm diameter leads we offer.
White, Red or Blue in solid colours

The Flecked Leads come in
White with Black Fleck,
White with Blue Fleck,
White with Green Fleck,
or White with Red Fleck.

8mm Lead Colours


" Best leads I have found, I don't use any others now in kennels "........ Jeremy Organ

" I ordered 4 Anti-Twist leads, fast service, good quality, 2 were for my mother-in-law and she thinks they are fantastic, thanks"........ Ken Rutter

" I ordered 4 slip leads, one leather and I'm impressed with all of them, the quality is excellent, the smaller size rope soft and the usual let down  - the stops-   are firm and stay put. Thank you very much. At last I have found leads that are strong and fit for purpose without being unwieldy"........ Suzi Burton

A printable price list and order form can be downloaded off these links. The order form in word should be openable by all word type programmes and can be filled in, attached to an e-mail and sent over to us.

Price List in .pdf   here    or in a word format   here

Order Form in .pdf   here    or in a word format   here

Please make cheques payable to:   Sarah Gazey.